Before logging in with your account number and password please read the information below so that you fully aware of our service, wagering rules and that you understand the relationship with the person whom has authorized you to use the account number and password that they have given you to access our site.

1ClickNGamble is an offshore processing company that provides sport books data processing services. Our business is to process data information for sports books. Once this has been completed, yourself and the sports books can access this information over the Internet.

If you have a positive or negative balance in your account, it is the responsibility of your sports book to pay you or collect from you the balance.

All money in your account, whether it be a positive or negative balance is between you and your sport book. It is the responsibility of your sport book to pay and collect from you. 1ClickNGamble will NOT be held responsible for any failure to pay or collect between you and your sports book.

1ClickNGamble neither accepts payments from players nor does it make payments to players. If you make a deposit into your account, it is on behalf of your sports book.

We thank you for using our services and if you should have any questions please contact your sports book and they will contact us.


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